“Oscars of the Internet” Go to Spotify and Vice

Media Company Vice and streaming service Spotify have become the big winners of the Webby Awards, the “Oscars of the Internet.” They each received thirteen prizes. On Tuesday, the 20th annual Webby Award winners were announced.

Vice has won, among other prizes for reporting on refugees in Berlin, on military robots, and cloning mammoths. Spotify’s awards include the best design.


National Geographic won ten awards. The New York Times and TED won eight and seven respectively.

The award for ‘social movement’ goes to #BlackLivesMatter, for protesting against police violence towards black Americans. Also, news website The Onion received a lifetime achievement award. Barcelona Player Neymar has the best sports site. The best news is The Intercept.

Dating app Tinder received a prize for the best user experience. Even Netflix, NASA, Google, HBO, and YouTube along with others received prizes too.

Host Jimmy Kimmel, like last year, got a Webby for Best Social Content and Marketing for making his appeal to viewers.

See the full list of winners at the Webby Awards site.


A jury, among others, Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, awarded the prizes. More than two million votes were received for the Webby People’s Voice Awards. The ceremony itself will be held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City on Monday, May 16, 2016. And the following day, the entire show will be available to stream on the Webby Awards site. Interestingly, the acceptance speech of the winners may consist of only five words.

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