Panasonic unveiled improved invisible TV that will change the way you watch your TV

The future of smart TV is far more than 4K and VR. Earlier this year, tech giants like LG and Panasonic showed off their latest innovation in televisions. LG unveiled a foldable display that you could roll up like a newspaper, whereas Panasonic showed off itsfuturistic invisible TV, which became a transparent pane glass when switched off. However, Panasonic wasn’t happy with the transparency of their screen as it was quite dim and required under-shelf lighting to enhance the image.


Last week at the CEATEC electronics expo in Japan, Panasonic unveiled an improved version of their invisible TV. While the previous screen was LED, they have upgraded it to an OLED display, which will ensure better and brighter images.

The new OLED screen is made from a fine mesh, embedded in a glass panel. Just like a cabinet panel, you can easily slide the panel. There’s a fine plastic layer between two electrodes over a glass slab, which makes the OLED displays look transparent when it’s turned off. You can literally see what’s behind the glass, be it the wall or any showpiece.

Want one right now? Unfortunately, you can’t. The company representative says the invisible TV is likely to stay in development for at least three years, so you’ll have to wait till then.

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