Philips brings health smartwatch on market

Philips brings to market a smartwatch with an e-paper display. The device is aimed at the prevention of several diseases by stimulating healthy activities. The Health Watch has the modern smartwatch hue like its many competitors that keep statistics about the number of steps and sleep patterns of the wearer, also automatically register activities such as running and cycling.

Additionally, the device includes a heart rate monitor and promises inter alia, to calculate the number of calories consumed with associated software.

Philips says the wearable is for people who are at risk of developing health problems, such as those with high blood pressure. In the corresponding Philips, Healthcare app can introduce health goals and track their progress.

“Philips is not in the world of fitness, that’s not our mission, and as a healthcare company, we don’t think that’s where we can add value. We’re in the connected health space, and target consumer who are at risk of chronic diseases.”

said Eline de Graaf, Director for Philips Personal Health Solutions.

“When you begin talking with health systems and physician groups, that medical-device part of the equation becomes more important — knowing that it’s been designed with the right clinical validation and protocols in place,”

The Health Watch can communicate with other smart health gadgets from Philips, including scales and ear thermometer. In the US, the watch will cost $ 250.