Play Red Alert 2 on VR for an unparalleled experience

This is the Over Lord tank”, I remember this specific dialogue by the Russian war tanks in Red Alert whenever selected; to me, Red Alert 2 will always be the most popular real-time strategy video game, comprised of hilarious cinema like cutscenes. Find out more about its VR gameplay experience.


There aren’t many changes made even after 16 years of release, but the visuals have changed drastically. Therefore, what is the next best alternative to bringing this old game back apart from virtual reality or VR?


The gamer and developer Adam Horvath, prepared himself to take this project while he was very recently working on a virtual mirror applied on clothes. Using the Unreal Engine 4, Horvath managed to incorporate VR with the game. Wearing the HTC Vive, gamers can fully submerge themselves in the world of Yuri’s Dimension.


The gamer is going to be provided with a virtual tablet for building structures and/or other units that can be selected and placed in the game map on the right using a laser pointer. The gamer will experience aerial view throughout the game while with an outstanding view of the game.

The only sad news is that the game is still undergoing development and there are no possibilities for a complete version anytime soon. But this is the very first step toward futuristic strategic video game.