Pokémon Go cheaters and fake players beware, permanent ban looms

Niantic, the developer of the extremely popular smartphone game Pokémon Go app, has announced it will be monitoring players who are cheating more actively from now on.

Apps that provide insight where rare Pokémons are hiding or the so-called GPS Spoofing manipulating smartphone’s location are just two of the cheats that are commonly used in Pokémon Go to get through faster through the game. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, have decided to be even stricter to oversee cheaters.

Niantic has recently closed the API giving access to its platform. This makes it no longer possible to find alternative apps to Pokémon in the game. According to Niantic, it had required this step to ensure the stability of Pokémon Go. On the other hand, the company has thus been quite a gap that could be exploited to cheat.

GPS Spoofing is tackled

Niantic has said that users who do so-called GPS spoofing have now the biggest risk to getting a permanent ban. That means the company will delete their account and users will lose what they have earned in the game.

There appear to be quite a few players of Pokémon Go to use GPS Spoofing. This is a complex method in which an Android phone needs first be rooted. After the device is rooted, the app can be installed manipulating GPS data from the smartphone. The user can hereby itself specify any location, he or she is located. Players of Pokémon Go apply GPS spoofing so far for not having to go out the door to pick up items at Pokéstops or compete in Pokégyms.

Root control

Pokemon Go app controls smartphone root. On devices that are rooted Pokémon Go does not work anymore. However, there are still ways to hide when a smartphone is rooted.

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