Pokémon Go update has finally arrived, removing two key features

After weeks of waiting, an update of Pokémon Go has finally arrived. Since its launch, it has been plagued with so many problems ranging from downed servers, bugs, and crashes. Creators Niantic said that the latest update would come with those bugs fixed, without mentioning that some of the features have been taken out of the game.

The latest update nixed, battery-saving mode, one of the key features from the previous version. Although that feature often made the app unresponsive, removing it is not a great move for such a power draining app. So, next time you’re on a Pokémon hunt, do turn your screen brightness down and don’t forget to carry your power bank with you.

Niantic also removed the footprint tracking from the Pokémon Go’ update. This feature was in the previous version but didn’t work. Also, some users are noticing that to appear nearby on the map, the Pokémon has to remain much closer, though the refreshed app has come at the same time as many Pokémon map scanning services have been indefinitely aborted.

Some users have reported that PokéVision, the third party website has also been affected. However, it’s still not sure if it was due to the update.

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