Ravean brings ultra-light heated down jacket to make your winter warmer

Winter is coming, and like others, if you also hate wearing bulky jackets, Ravean just made the perfect jacket for you. The startup just announced a new ultra-light heated down jacket, a perfect mid-layer to take any coat to sub-zero temperatures.


Currently available in Kickstarter, this ultra-light heated down jacket weighs just 80 grams, which half the weight of the original Ravean Down Jacket and about one-fifth the weight of any typical winter jackets you find in the shopping mall designed by famous brands.

The heating elements are placed on the chest, back, and pocket areas of the jacket- usual areas where people need the heat most. You can control the temperature with a single button that cycles three heating settings- low, medium and high. The jacket is even enough on its own at a temperature as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit, the company claims.

Apart from the heating system, the ultra-light heated down jacket also features an aluminum heat-reflective lining to keep heat in and the elements out, a durable water repellent (DWR) coating. Its hydrophobic down helps the jacket dry faster in case it gets wet. The jacket also comes with a hood that you can remove if you want. With the battery removed, the jacket is washer and dryer safe.


Last year, Ravean’s heated down jacket became the second most crowdfunded project in the history of Kickstarter, raising more than $1.54 million from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Following the success, they launched another Kickstarter campaign where you can order a jacket for $99 and a jacket with a high-capacity battery for $139. The possible shipment is August 2017.