Reasons why people illegally download movies and software from the internet

You’ve probably been tired of hearing about copyright infringement or piracy ever since you’ve started to use the internet. If you wonder how you’re involved in those copyright infringement, let me ask you, when was the last time you watched a movie online without downloading it illegally? It won’t be a surprise if your answer is, never. Most of us are doing this all the time. Most of us don’t use any software or product according to the rules prescribed by the creator and law. And for some creators, if you’re not paying for their product, you’re infringing their copyright law. But why do we do this? You may be thinking that we do this because we don’t want to pay, but there are some other reasons. Want to know? Let’s explore-


Not every one of us downloads movies and software because they don’t want to pay for it. There is software such as Adobe Photoshop that comes with a big price tag, making it difficult for most of the people to purchase. So, they prefer it to download from the internet.


The most common reason ever. Movies and music are for entertainment and most people do not want to pay for them. So, they download it from Kickass Torrents or The Pirate Bay and fuel those websites.


For some region or country, some movies or software release a bit late. Some people actually don’t have much patience, so they rather prefer to download them instead of waiting for them to arrive.


This is one of the major grounds for people to head to those torrent websites. Sometimes the creators of those contents restrict them for some regions. For some people, it’s really difficult to tolerate and they watch those shows by downloading them.


Suppose you’re going to watch a movie you’re not sure whether it’s good or bad.You may want to just watch it once. So, it seems illogical for some people to purchase them. So, they download, watch them and delete them forever.

Well, you may give dozens of more reasons for downloading pirated content, but let me tell you one thing. Any of those reasons doesn’t give you the token to obtain things illegally. You just can’t steal something you can’t get legally. Those content creators have to face a lot of financial damages because of this illegal download. However, the good thing is people in the recent years have bent towards paid content. There are lots of paid streaming services such as Netflix that lets us watch movies and TV shows, and the best part is, they are pretty affordable. But, it will take more time for piracy to go away completely.

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