Redesigned Microsoft Paint app could be of real use rather than just fun

Who doesn’t remember Microsoft Paint? The famous ancient paint tools from Microsoft that most of us used to draw a mutated version of a fish or ugly version of our siblings. However, the company wants you to think of something new. It’s reportedly working on an overhauled Windows 10 version of the Paint app; likely make it as a store app.


WalkingCat, a Twitter user first discovered the video demonstration of this new Microsoft Paint Preview app. The video notes that the Paint Preview app comes with all the familiar features of the original version of Paint, with an addition of new 3D object support, a perfect addition for HoloLens. Also, it is built on UWP and would be optimized for pen and touch input.


With this new Microsoft Paint, making of 3D content would be extremely easy. Also, Microsoft has included a variety of markers and art tools that you can directly use on 3D objects in the scene. With the help of Community integration you can insert images and 3D objects created by other users into your creation, without leaving the app, of course. The painting will be more fun as it comes with an interface, which mixes 2D images, 3D models, stickers, and annotations.

Microsoft may announce the paint app this October. There is a high possibility that Paint Preview will be released as a Universal Windows App.

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