Retailers from Europe taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Pre-orders for €849

A week hasn’t passed through yet that Samsung has announced its most attractive device of the year Galaxy Note 7 which will be available in American markets from 19th of August and the pre-orders have already started in the country. On the other hand, in Europe, Galaxy Note 7 is supposed to be available on September 2nd, pre-orders will start from 16th of August, but before that there are some retailers from Germany who have now started taking pre-order on Samsung’s Galaxy Note7, and most of them have selected the price of Galaxy Note7 as €849.

Unfortunately, at the moment, retailers are not offering any extra Samsung device for free with this pre-order package but most probably, you can get either a Gear VR, or Gear feat or a new microSD card for free if you pre-order a Galaxy Note7 when an official pre-order announcement will be made in Europe on the day of August 16th.

Therefore, it may be better for you in waiting for 10 more days, because, as 16th of August retailers will officially take pre-orders in Europe then you can perhaps get one of these mentioned Samsung devices for free with your pre-order package.

However, another thing needs to be mentioned that in the United Kingdom, the Galaxy Note 7 price has been set for £699

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