Russians get their own version of Pokémon GO

Are you already fed up searching for Pikachu and Charmander? Then a trip to the city Moscow might offer some help for you. A special version of Pokémon GO has launched in the Russian capital.

The app with the appealing title “Know. Moscow. Photo” you do not go looking for Pokémon, but after famous persons in Russian history, according to Moscow’s Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications. The goal is to find characters like Yuri Gagarin, Ivan the Terrible or Napoleon Bonaparte on the streets of Moscow with your smartphone.

“The goal of the app is to attract attention to Moscow’s rich cultural heritage using fashionable augmented reality technology, as well as give Muscovites a reason to walk around more,”

The city government said, according to The Guardian.


The app may have a rather nationalistic approach, which not everyone is happy with. a ruling-party member of Parliament Yevgeny Fyodorov, for example, accused the developers of the app of using it to cause “mass disturbances” and to destabilize Russia before parliamentary elections in September with the game.

According to MSK Agency, a Moscow-based news service, Communist MP Vadim Solovyov, compared the game to drugs and gambling and even called for banning the game.

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