Sad news for the Gorillaz band

Simple and common passwords have ruined plenty of careers in the past. A British alternative rock band called the Gorillaz had to endure similar consequences. Four of its latest songs came out unplanned, even before the official release of their album.


The leak was possible solely due to using an extremely obvious password “2017” by Dylan Byrne on Vimeo videos; apparently, the videos had the same title as the song names. Moreover, Byrne who had previously worked as a lighting technician for the band had no idea about Google tracking his account, which was private.


Soon after that, it did not take much longer for a particular Reddit user named “mrmoosechill” to figure out the password. Surprisingly, the user is also a fan of the Gorillaz who revealed the password on Reddit.

The removal of the Vimeo account including all its videos clearly shows the news of the latest leak has reached 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel too.

Consequences of Sound


For further information, check out all the upcoming registered track list of Gorillaz that previously threw teasers through Snapchat.

Perhaps the secret messaging service of Snapchat and ringID are the best means of showing creativity without risking secrecy.

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