Samsung Galaxy S8 claims to come with the first adopt Bluetooth 5.0

Recently, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has claimed that the company certified the Bluetooth 5.0. feature on Samsung’s upcoming smartphone the Galaxy S8. This is the first smartphone to have Bluetooth 5.0, however, so far based on how much we have heard about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8, it seems that indeed the South Korean tech giant must blow all the smartphone lovers’ mind with its next S generation.


The characteristic of Bluetooth 5.0 will be that it will be faster than any other smartphones’ along with a longer range and larger broadcast capacity. Not only this but this feature likewise gives enhanced interoperability and concurrency with different remote devices, as the company Bluetooth SIG claimed.

Furthermore, regarding the Bluetooth 5.0 feature, the company also says that this standard has four times the range, twice the speed, and eight times larger capacity to broadcast messages when contrasted with Bluetooth 4.0.

Taking into account the past experiences when we heard about the Galaxy S8 smartphone, it seems that with no doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will be the next king of the smartphone kingdom because it will also come with a 4K screen and dual cameras, 6GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage and a pressure-sensitive screen, as well as the new voice assistant known as Bixby. So, how can we deny that it would not be the next king?

We believe that if all of these features come with a Samsung Galaxy S8 then it may bring back Samsung’s reputation which the company lost with its Note 7, but to see this happen we need to wait “till two to six months” as the Bluetooth SIG implies.

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