Samsung has revealed its Gear 360 official release date in America

Yesterday, the South Korean company has officially revealed its most wanted gadget of the year, the Galaxy Note 7 to the public, and finally, on the same day Samsung also revealed that it is going to sell its eyeball shaped Gear 360 Camera in U.S.A from August 19th.

However, Samsung has been offering the camera in limited supply at occasions like VidCon and the Lollapalooza music celebration. The plan was to get the camera to content makers first with expectations of them releasing more immersive 360 video content for consistent customers to see.

The price of Gear 360 camera will be about $349.99 and will not work with other company’s devices apart from Samsung gadgets like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, S7, S7 Edge and Note 7 smartphones.

After six months since the official unveiling, Samsung finally came to this decision to sell its Gear 360 camera widely in America, whereas since April Samsung had started to sell its Gear 360 in its motherland South Korea, and also in Singapore, and from June in Australia.

So, if you have been waiting to get the Gear 360 then get ready to purchase this eyeball shaped device whose sales will kick off on August 19th in America.

Oh, one more thing, recorded shots with the Gear 360 can be seen on a PC or through Samsung’s own Gear VR headset as well.