Say hello to a new version of Facebook that Zuckerberg only uses

Mark Zuckerberg has designed his own version of “yellow” facebook with tonnes of unique features that are not meant for us to use. This was discovered this week when Zuckerberg introduced Facebook’s latest live feature.

According to The Verge, there are numerous functionalities one can use; however those features are not available in the ordinary iPhone app we use.

As Zuckerberg decided to show facebook’s live feature to the audience he added,

“yellow version of the Facebook app, which is our internal build.”

Subsequently, as he went on to show further functionalities of Facebook’s live features, he also added,

“you can tap on the composer at the top,” as he selects the “Whats on your mind?”

As a result, an entirely different looking menu appeared on the screen with various categories of contents that are not available for our version of Facebook. This feature is already available for only a handful of users, stated by The Verge.

There are different buttons in this version for sharing slideshows, music, and gifs. It has been reported that further interesting features will be integrated soon as well.

Latest rumors are speaking about Facebook’s creation of music service. The “Slideshow” feature enables users to post related pictures by maintaining slideshows caricature.

Facebook carries out numerous tests on different interfaces for which all of its latest features will not be available, as said by Zuckerberg himself. Despite the unavailability of all the features, it still provides a wonderful interface guaranteed to intensify the user engagement of Facebook.

Feel free to comment if you think I have failed to cover everything related to the topic.

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