Say hello to the Opensource Projects of Facebook

Say goodbye to all the hassle involved in app making process since Facebook has launched a brand new open source project called “Create React App” in JavaScript. If you’re also passionate about writing JavaScript codes, then this tool will greatly assist you in this whole process.

It took only a matter of days before Facebook’s React.js managed to become increasingly popular. The latest creation of Facebook can be used for coding on platforms of Windows 10, Android and iOS.

Despite turning the whole app making the process easier, it has plenty of complexities as well. The latest open source project named Create React App by Facebook was invented at a Facebook hackathon event, using which programmers can design numerous apps using JavaScript. It is worth mentioning that Facebook has 50 different open source projects like this for all the developers.

The latest app is comprised of 3 ingredients- Babel (JS compiler), Webpack (asset building tool) and ESLint (code-linting tool).

This app seems to have made life easier for programmers as they only need to sort only one dependency now instead of many. Configuration files are no longer necessary while using this app.

According to Facebook,

“We take care of updating Babel, ESLint, and Webpack to stable compatible versions so you can update a single dependency to get them all.”

By removing the configuration option, it may upset some programmers. However, this open source enables you to post customize as soon as the configuration is complete.

This is a fascinating project by Facebook, which does not require configuration by also reducing the level of dependency involved. A great open source project for beginners, novices, and experts.

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