Smart Reply Is Now Available for Inbox by Gmail on Web

Inbox by Gmail, Google’s next generation email client, offers a handful of features, aiming to facilitate handling your incoming messages. Smart Reply is one of the best of these features that scans your incoming messages using Google’s machine learning intelligence and suggests three possible short answers.

This amazing feature was only available in the inbox mobile app, until yesterday. The company announced that this feature will be available on the web. From now on, when you are on inbox, based on the content of your incoming email, this feature will suggest three phrase options to include. You can choose from then or can start writing in an old fashion way.

Debuted in November as a mobile app, the ‘Smart Reply’ is used in 10 percent of all email replies in the mobile phone. This feature typically works pretty well and is smart enough to give you, at least, one option that you can use. Especially when you are walking down the street or running through the airport, this feature can be very useful. And now the desktop users will also be able to cut down their unruly email cues in a short time.

This latest announcement was just what a lot of people were hoping for.