Snapchat to bring snap codes for businesses

Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular day by day and therefore the company is looking constantly for new ways to make the app even more appealing for users and also for advertisers. It’s time for business owners to learn how to use Snapchat for business because the app is now considering snap codes to use for commercial purposes, with which you can easily add other Snapchatters.

The codes, for example, is like the QR code that let people scan a barcode or an image on a poster or a website. According to two employees who briefed on the company’s ad strategy, the new feature will let people use their smartphone cameras to unlock special sponsored unique content in the app.

Snap codes may code could be found just about anywhere, on products, movie posters or even in-store advertisements so that people can get a discount. However, there are hundreds of ways that the codes can be used by companies.

Snapchat is looking for new ways to make money. Advertisers complain a lot about the current ads in the app. Snapchat hopes user’s commercial engagement with the new ad feature may take in very fast. Using the snap codes Snapchat has perhaps found a new way to reach its s businesses through the app.

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