Solve equations using OneNote in Windows 10

OneNote for Windows 10 will be integrating a bunch of new updates today that will assist you in solving challenging sums, truly helpful for people like me for whom mathematics is gravely repulsive.

The latest new Ink math assistant update that is not only capable of altering handwritten equations into texts but also solving them for you.

Now, you must remember that solving all equations at remarkably high speed is not really helpful at all, therefore, OneNote will also show you ways of solving any equation sequentially. Starkly similar to Microsoft Word’s latest tool called Editor, which tutors users about rules of grammar with the help of AI.

Furthermore, the OneNote update also enables users to replay their saved notes sequentially as well. This is extremely useful when you’re trying to comprehend all the necessary steps for solving a challenging sum. Or maybe when you need to recall every crucial note after an intense brainstorming process.

To add more colors in your notes there is this update that allows you to select your desired color for your ink. Even though this may not be outstandingly productive, however, using plenty of colors while taking notes is a wonderful way to retain vital information in your brain at a spectacular rate.

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All these amazing features will be available in Office 365 soon, but if you think you won’t be able to wait for long, you can instal these updates right now considering a few unattended bugs and glitches still available.

For more information, stay tuned to TTN.

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