Star Wars VR Experience is Coming Soon

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine’ is the next big virtual reality experiment. HTC Vive is bringing a Star Wars VR extravaganza. So, there is a high chance that the trailer of the series will probably be released with the launch of the VR headset on April 5. But before that, the trailer has already leaked on YouTube.

A short YouTube teaser for Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine appeared on the ILMVisualFX YouTube channel before going private. It showed something that goes well beyond the Jakku Spy experience that was shown last year for Google Cardboard.


HTC is limiting bundles to one per customer with the intention of shipping them from April 5th. Regarding delivery, expect to pay extra: UK orders are incurring a £57.60 charge alone. To use the Vive as intended, you will need a capable PC. HTC has not taken the same approach as Oculus, where it allows customers to order a VR-ready rig alongside their headset.


It flashed a glimpse at the Vive headset, along with a VR trip in the Star Wars universe featuring everything from R2-D2 to player-controlled lightsaber battles. Some screenshots given below will give you an idea of what this Cinematic Virtual Reality Experiment will be like.


The trailer is going to be a big hit. The VR experience the viewers will get to see is something as fascinating as watching the movie itself.

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