Stunning Videos Show How Those Incredeble CG Shots of Star Wars Were Made

Dear Star War fans, most of you know that making such legendary movies as well as every science fiction movie requires a lot of computer graphics. But do you ever wonder how much effort actually went into composing real people with virtual characters and worlds? Clips posted about the latest Star War: The Force Awakens by IAMAG and FXGuide shows you that there’s a lot more engaged than green screens.

According to the film’s supervisor, Roger Guyett, approximately 2,100 of the film’s 2,500 shots feature digital effects. There’s a four minute video that shows the CG shots of most of its virtual characters including the rendition of barkeeper Maz Kanata. Wearing a special, patterned suit, the actress Lupita Nyong’o performed separate motion capture sessions (using a stereo head rig) so that she could get expressions down pat. The team tweaked her facial features using software.

From those videos, you will also see how computer generated visuals were absorbed into more scenes than you might imagine, for instance, the scene where Finn was searching for the TIE fighter crash site. Also Rey’s foraging and the dramatic pull-out shot starting in a X-Wing cockpit shows how short moments require countless passes and lots of detail. This video is proof of what modern CG can do.

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