Sugarlock Lets You Edit Your GoPro Videos on TV

What do you have to do when you want to share your GoPro videos or any other videos that are in your memory card or your mobile phone? Surely you plug them in your laptop or PC and then wait for the exporting and uploading. Sugarlock is just making it easier for you. It’s a dedicated video editing box that you can plug into your TV. The company describes itself as an “action cam doc” and its goal is to help you easily filter your footage to find the best parts, and export them as shareable clips. You don’t even need any editing software to do that.

Handling this device is quite easy. All you have to do just plug your memory card into Sugarlock and you can see all your videos appear in TV, and the best part is they will be organized by date. You can control the user interface on TV using your iOS or Android Smartphone via a dedicated app. The UI in the TV is very simple to understand. When you select a clip, the video previews play and you can easily bring that video up full screen for playback with just a single tap. You can mark your in and out edit points with a swipe gesture and after editing the photo, you can share them on Facebook. The product shown in the CES is missing some of the software but the hardware is final.

The six inches square box looks like a mini PC with only one task. This device is able to handle 4K footage as well. You can connect it to your TV over HDMI, and using an SD card or USB Drive, you can feed it your media. There will be an auto-archiving option in the retail version.

The product will launch in February on Indiegogo. The hardware is done but there are some works left in the software side. However, both the remote app and the main interface seem to be very easy to use with apparently a little light on features. Right now, adding music to the clip or merging two clips together is not possible. The team behind this product is the same that worked for Roku, ReplayTV and Rio. Preorders will start on February with an Indiegogo early bird deal of $239.

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