The CEO of Pokemon Go lost his Twitter account

After hacking the Twitter and Quora accounts of Google’s CEO, the OurMine decided to strike again by hacking John Hanke’s Twitter account who is the CEO of Pokemon Go.

He is the game developer of Pokemon Go, which is currently the most popular video game of this time. He is also the CEO of Niantic.

Well, now it seems to me that such immense popularity has preoccupied his mind fully making him unaware of his Twitter account that was hacked 13 hours ago from the moment his account was initially hacked.

OurMine has again claimed to have carried out this activity once more, as messages one after another started to pop up on his Twitter’s timeline. The following is the list of CEOs OurMine has hacked so far:

Google’s CEO

Facebook’s CEO

Twitter CEO

Twitter’s ex-CEO

Facebook-owned virtual reality company

Right now, Pokemon Go is the most popular game of virtual reality about which people have turned absolutely crazy for to “catch ’em all,” as you will be required to venture into random places for collecting the rarest of all Pokemon, which also has a dark side.

For the very last time people, I love each and every one of you and I am also highly concerned about the safety of your private information from falling into the wrong hands. Please change your password right now if it falls under this list of most common passwords.
Apparently, Hanke’s password was “nopass.”

These hackers mainly want to inform the real person behind their individual virtual accounts on any social media the extent to which those are secured. OurMine charges $5000 per scan