The Internet Has Turned More Secured These Days.

The proliferation of the internet has been dramatic so far leading users to commit tasks that are not ethical. For your knowledge and awareness, we have listed down unethical online activities that can cost you time behind bars.


Oftentimes keeping your Wi-Fi not password protected may result in you in getting apprehended by legal authorities. Your open Wi-Fi signal connection can be utilized by hackers or terrorists without your consent to make you land in prison.

It is better to password secure your Wi-Fi with WEP, WPA or WPA2.


Before you post anything on facebook or tweet anything that may be offensive, remember that there is a high probability for your boss to find about it as well. People were also apprehended by police for insulting their government officials and even fired for complaining about their bosses who may have overloaded them with works.


Countries such as Ethiopia have a complete ban on using VOIP services most commonly known as Skype. Restriction in using VOIP is not exercised to a similar degree globally; therefore, it is best to consult the legal authorities of the place where you are currently residing before using it.


This is one of those unethical tasks, once committed will send you behind bars in any part of the world. Countries that follow strict religious laws and codes may become really challenging for individuals that believe in free spirit. An American blogger got arrested by the Indonesian federal law after he uploaded an article named “God does not Exist” on Facebook.


Gambling is unacceptable in various parts of the world, including gambling online. There are various websites that host online gambling competition such as Zynga Poker, Blackjack etc which are banned in many countries of the world.


That’s right, this is one of the most prevalent forms of piracy people can never cease to do. File sharing prevents the makers of a particular file, let it be a song, video game or any program from enjoying the value of his/her creation. Apple Inc. has managed to reduce the level of piracy by making the iTunes Store.


Lastly, hacking that allows a third party to gain unauthorized access to your information and other crucial data including your bank account number and PIN from which they can illegally take out all your money. Check out White Hat Hackers Vs Black Hat Hackers for learning more insightful aspects about them.

Beware of these aforementioned activities and always refrain yourself from these. You may not get arrested; however, try becoming a better individual by changing yourself so that others could follow your lead.