The Largest Tech Startups that are Taking the World to a Whole New Level

We have talked about IT startups as well as many different types of brilliant startups that have been controlling the internet without our knowledge.

We have listed down the names of a few other tech startups in this article for your knowledge as well as assist you in foreseeing the future of this planet as these largest tech startups (both monetarily and physically) continue their operation today.

These are the top selections of tech startups by The Tech News for informing you how their activities are going to shape the future of the Earth.


Their primary vision is to design robots that can smoothly interact with humans in their day-to-day activities. Their robots are going to be operating in warehouses for assembling packages.

They have designed two different robots, one called the “Fetch” while the other one is called “Freight.” The former has the ability to take out items from shelves while the latter can be attached to the side of one robot or a human similar to a trained dog, which catches the items dropped by the “Fetch” robot. The robot automatically heads back to its stock as soon as its cabin gets full.

The approximate cost of this startup is $23 million in total.



This startup formed up in November claiming that they have the ability to grow diamonds, a maximum of 9 karats of original and pure diamonds, not artificial. They have also claimed that the startup has found out a new plasma allowing atoms to combine themselves with the thinner portion of a natural diamond.

The atoms keep stacking together at the thinner portion of the natural diamond that eventually gives birth to 100% jewelry graded diamond.

The main investors of this startup are Leonardo DiCaprio, founder of Twitter & Medium Evan Williams, and Mark Pincus the founder of Zynga. Its approximate cost is a little less than $100 million.



Its founder and CEO Ambarish Mitra want to revolutionize the concept of the search engine by combining augmented reality with it. His platform is going to allow advertisers to better display their offerings in front of their target audience by bringing any inanimate or animate objects into reality with the help of the camera(10 must have knowledge about Tech Industry).

The entire virtual world will turn into an archive that will provide you all the information related to an object; let it be a banana or a person by simply pointing the camera at a specific object. In the case of the banana, you will receive a list of all the stores available near your area that is selling bananas as well as its selling price. It will also provide you the link from Wikipedia from where you will be able to gather further details involving the object.

The approximate price of this business is $72 million, invested by Qualcomm Ventures.



This startup is going to create something that going to leave people speechless as this Florida-based startup has already earned millions of dollars mysteriously, leaving everyone scratching their heads thinking “how on earth did they do that?”

The main focus of this startup is to improve its cinematic reality making any drawn figures or characters walk on your palms. Even Google decided to invest in this startup.


Funding of $593 million has plans to invest further of $890 million.

These are our handpicked startups with huge capital that have the potential to revolutionize our lifestyles. Since technology has drastically improved giving you the ability to create anything that you can dream. Also, be aware of the practices that can harm the growth of your startup.

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