The next Google Glass might feature a touchpad and powered by AA battery

After being dead last year, Google Glass, the company’s much-hyped moonshot confronted an incarnation in the form of Project Aura. Albeit it wasn’t successful to get the limelight again, a new patent indicates an improved version of Google Glassmight be closer to reality.

The new patent files by Google shows a number of major changes coming to the fancy internet-connected pair of specs, starting from the source of power to how the users would control the device.

According to the newly filed patent, this device features a touchpad mounted on one of its arms, containing a power source and electronic circuitry. It also includes earpiece housing on the end of the arm that contains memory, a processor, communications devices, Bluetooth chip, and so on. Previously, the only mode of interaction with Google Glass was a voice command, adding a touchpad would improve the way the user interacts with this device.

The improved Google Glass would shift some of the weight off the nose and onto the ear, providing a little more balance to the arm.

The most interesting change the patent reveals is that the feature of housing to connect batteries of multiple forms, like AAA or AA. These batteries are quickly rechargeable and replaceable. Also, it comes with an option for lithium-ion type rechargeable batteries.

It’s still not sure whether this patent would ever become a reality. However, Google may surprise us anytime as it has a history of surprises.