There will be no startup chime in the new MacBook Pros

Apart from the physical function keys, the old style USB ports, and glowing logo, there’s something else that Apple has ditched with its new MacBook Pro: the startup chime. That invigorating, F-sharp startup chime that has been accompanied the bootup whirr of Apple computers since 1998, is no more.


The change was first spotted by in Apple’s support note. As the company has completely removed the startup chime, the new MacBooks won’t make any noise on boot. Well, Apple definitely has some good reasons behind it.


There’s also a new feature that kicks in the new MacBook Pro’s: the automatic start-up. The late 2016 MacBook Pros will automatically turn on (from sleep mode or from scratch) when you open the lid, when connecting it to the adapter when the lid is open, or even when the lid is closed but you’ve connected it to an external display. It means you don’t need to use the power button to turn your MacBook on, just use it to turn your machine off.

As your new MacBook turns on automatically, removing the startup chime seems quite rational. Now you can easily turn your laptop on during a meeting without annoying anyone. Your MacBook is automatic, as well as silent at the same time.

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