These Websites will teach you to be a pro in Ethical Hacking

Hacking is not as simple as it appears to be, especially shown in movies and numerous TV series. In order to successfully excel at this task, one must have a few basic knowledge about how computers operate and security features involving any network.

Keep in mind that there are two types of hacking. Ethical hacking, as the name goes, refers to all the legal hacking activities; however, unethical hacking or black hat hacking is the one legislative forces are after.

These are the top websites of 2016 from which you can become an ethical hacking master:


Security tools or SecTools will provide all the vital tips and tricks exercising which you will attain maximum security for your networks. In case if you’re unaware of the purposes behind each tool, there are detailed instructions and descriptions provided for better understanding.


Currently, this is a highly popular website through which you will receive news as well as tutorial videos of hacking. They also have a Youtube channel making followers aware of various hardware and software hacks they can also follow, including plenty of DIY videos. I think their contents will be equally helpful for individuals who are in the profession of Digital Forensics and Security Research.


This website is all about tutoring various hacking-related cases in real life, including tutorials on ways of hacking security. The website provides an outstanding opportunity for anybody who wants to be a certified hacker allowing them to select the type of security and the specific field they want to specialize in.


Want to find out what’s truly happening in the world of hacking, then this is the ultimate archive for you. Furthermore, it gives one the opportunity to discuss unique as well as useful hacking tips.

These are our top websites of 2016 to learn ethical hacking from, and feel free to add your thoughts under the comment section.

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