This awesome LEGO robot could write the Christmas cards for you

Writing Christmas cards was always been very tiresome to me. I would rather love to decorate the Christmas trees and, of course, unpack the gifts. So, having a robot to do this tedious job for me would be great. And, that’s exactly these creative teenagers Sanjay and Arvind Seshan have done using LEGO.


Dubbed as Holiday Card Plott3r, this robot is basically the Christmas edition of Seshan brothers’ famous PIX3L PLOTT3R printer, which is a LEGO MindStorms-powered creation. Using Lego’s modular robotic platform it can print three different designs- a Christmas tree, a snowflake, as well as Santa’s signature. From the video below, it seems that this festive creation works similar to a dot-matrix printer, using a pair of markers to create the images dot by dot. When done, a second contraption dispenses an envelope ready for your beautifully printed card.

Sadly, but this robot printer isn’t going to apply stamps and drop them off at the post office; you have to do it yourself. However, considering that the whole thing is made out of LEGO, I found it quite impressive. And, while an AI is creating Christmas carol now, writing a Christmas card with this LEGO robot won’t be a crime.

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