This Batmobile toy is so cool even the Batman haters will love it

Mattel, the famous Barbie, and Hot Wheels maker just created a remote controlled version of Ben Affleck’s Batmobile. With a sheer amount of cool tricks, this new toy surely is going to be the diehard Batman fans’ favorite.


So, what makes this remote controlled Batmobile so cool? First of all, you can control this toy with your iOS or Android device through the compatible app. Inside the cockpit, there’s a camera that streams live video of Batman’s view. The app also comes with augmented reality feature to help you experience some real immersive actions. With this AR feature, you can virtually shoot bullets or rockets to someone, which won’t definitely harm them but will make your drive more thrilling.


As you want to have the Batman’s view, it can’t be fun with the Batman himself. So, Mattel included a Batman action figure into the cockpit. Putting his arm on the steering wheel ill actually make you believe that he’s actually driving the car.


Besides, there’s another feature that seems to be the most attention grabbing. The Batmobile comes with an oil-based vape, which helps it exhaust realistic smokes from the rear. This sugar-based oil is harmless to breathe and won’t make your home smell. However, you’re strongly recommended not to add your own vape flavor and take a hit.

Well, the Batmobile with these entire cool features comes with a not so cool $250 price. Intended for the collector’s market, this Batmobile will be available in October. And from the price, it doesn’t seem that parents will be interested in buying this one for their kids.

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