This Simple GoPro and Smartphone Time-Lapse Video Accessory Is Just $25!

With this simple tool named GoPole Scenelapse you will now be able to take the best time-lapse videos not only for Smartphones but for your GoPro or any digital camera for that matter. This sounds insanely fabulous.

This sleek design may attract your eyes, but it works as a powerful tool as well. Providing a GoPro mount and also the lower and upper mount for any camera which clearly wins the race compared to the other mounts in this price range. This GoPole Scenelapse rotates 360-degree for 1 hour to take your time-lapse video with perfection. Get it for just $25 on Amazon!

Many manufacturers provide electric motorized rotational mounts which are pretty expensive and even with that money they don’t work under heavy weather. Whereas this mechanical old-school technology will work like a charm in any weather condition. This works by many of the gears and spring forces which perform like they are supposed to after you set it up. So, this won’t need any batteries and is a fully mechanical method of capturing video with low noise. It means, on each 90-degree rotation this tool will take a 15-minute time-lapse video for you.

Furthermore, if you want to put the mount on any other monopod or tripod stand this will work fine. This product is designed for GoPro cameras, as these cameras have the most versatile mounts in the world. You can take the camera anywhere you want, such as surfing, hiking, swimming, and paragliding etc. So, the next time you are out for any adventure, take this cheap tool with you and take as many time-lapse videos as you want.

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