Tired People Function the Same as Drunks

If you think your tiredness doesn’t affect your performance at work, and with your family, you’re very wrong. Some researchers from the University of Michigan have explained in a new survey that many of us are so tired that we function the same as someone who is drunk.


The survey results are based on data from 100 countries using an app on the smartphone. It turns out that many of us go to bed too late because of social pressure. And according to the researchers, it has serious consequences.

“It doesn’t take that many days of not getting enough sleep before you’re functionally drunk. Researchers have figured out that being overly tired can have that effect.”

said researcher Olivia Walch of the University of Michigan.

“And what’s terrifying at the same time is that people think they’re performing tasks way better than they are. Your performance drops off but your perception of your performance doesn’t.”


“Across the board, it appears that society governs bedtime and one’s internal clock governs wake time, and a later bedtime is linked to loss of sleep.”

Dr. Daniel Forger of the University of Michigan said.

Several other studies have already shown that little sleep increases the risk of inter alia, a common cold, and even stroke. Moreover, sleep deprivation can make you fat and even cause anxiety attacks. To top it all, it seems to be worse for your body than a heavy hangover.

Therefore, we must all make sure we get the adequate rest we require, an adult needs an average of between 7 to 8 hours sleepper day.

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