Today, It Is Twitter’s 10th Birthday and Here Is How It Is Celebrating

Today, it is a very special day for the tech giant “Twitter” because it has turned ten years old, and its CEO Jack Dorsey wished an advance online celebration for a Twitter generation which posted on its blog at the middle hour of Sunday.

“Thank you! Love Twitter,” a mind warming title evoked individuals to join and celebrate its 10th birthday with the hashtag, LoveTwitter. Even in the post, it was written aimed at multi-billion dollars’ worth of social network Twitter “Ten years ago, it began with a single Tweet, since then, every moment of every day, people connect with the things they care about most — all over the world.”

Twitter has without a doubt changed the way individuals convey on the web, most quite with its 140-character configuration that, regardless, encourages clients to be reasonable with their words. The social stage has likewise turned into a go-to for taking after world occasions continuously.

Despite the fact that the stage is adored by numerous people, the most recent couple of years for Twitter have been turbulent. Its offer cost has hit new lows on numerous occasions subsequent to the beginning of the year. Administrators have been leaving the organization in large numbers. What’s more, financial specialists have communicated questions about Dorsey, who works 18-hour a day running Twitter and the installments organization, Square, all the while.

Notwithstanding, Twitter stays hopeful, saying thanks to clients in its birthday blog entry for “making history, driving change, lifting each other up and laughing together every day.”
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