Twitter finally looses its restriction on 140-character limit

Finally! Twitter has taken the step it should have taken eons ago. The company just rolled out expanded tweets around the world. From now on, you will get the 140-character limit towards text messages and links with some additional features. Most things in your tweets that are quotes, polls, videos, or images rather than plain text will no longer count against the 140-character limit.


To give you a more breathing room, Twitter is also preparing some great features. As The Verge reported, new reply method is under experiment that will exclude usernames of whom you’re replying to from the 140-character limit. If you reply to multiple people at a time, none of them will count against the character limit.

The change is pretty big and warmly welcomed. It will let the people tweet and reply to any content differently, without worrying about running out of space as before.

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