Twitter Paid off $68,506 for Jack Dorsey’s Protection While He Doesn’t Withdraw His Salary

The founder of Twitter a 39 years old chap Jack Dorsey is known as a little bit of a different kind of person compared with other tech founders on the basis of the salary. Though he is holding a key role in this social giant without taking any salary, last year Twitter paid off a compensation about $68,506 for his residential security and for protective details, the record was found at Twitter’s annual proxy filing.

In addition, Dorsey possesses 3.4% of Twitter, which is worth generally $419 million at Friday’s end cost of $17.58 per share. Dorsey reported in October that he was giving 33% of his stock back to organization representatives.

As indicated by Friday’s intermediary recording, Twitter CFO Anthony Noto got a $72.7 million aggregate remuneration bundle when he was enlisted in 2014, and in 2015 he generally received $150,000 for place changing like he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to work for Twitter from San Francisco.

Noto’s base compensation, which was $124,000 in 2014, got knocked up to $250,000 a year ago. Twitter’s stock, by difference, declined 35% in 2015.

One other fascinating piece in the document: Former CEO Dick Costolo and previous head of product Kevin Weil got a “personal car service” pay of $41,209 and $69,962, separately.

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