Twitter To Integrate Periscope Live Button in Its Android App

A small group of Android users might see a new dedicated “go live” button in their Twitter app for starting the live broadcast. There’s nothing to be surprised at here as Twitter is integrating Periscope within its platform to help the live streaming app increase engagement and adoption. The “go live” button is located in the media file, and fires up Periscope when you tap it. However, it will redirect you to the app store if you don’t have the Periscope app on your phone.

“We’re rolling out a ‘Go Live’ button in Twitter to a small percentage of users,” the company said in a statement to The Verge. “Over time, all users will have the ability to start a Periscope broadcast from Twitter.”

Last year, Twitter acquired Periscope for approximately $100 million and has kept it fairly independent since then. The app has amassed well over 20 million users since its launch on iOS and Android. In its first birthday, the company announced that over 200 million broadcasts have been made and the live videos are watched every day via the iOS and Android app.

The reason behind this move is not yet clear. Maybe Twitter is trying to get more users by providing more real-time content in the feed. This feature is currently available on Android and only for a small fraction of users. The company didn’t say anything about when it will officially release the feature. Hopefully, it will be available soon, even to the iOS users.

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