Want to donate to Hurricane Harvey’s victims? Through iTunes you can

If you are willing to donate to Hurricane Harvey’s victims in Texas then through the iTunes online store you can. The American tech giant Apple and American Red Cross have merged together in order to accumulate your donation to help these victims in Texas.

You can pay as much as you wish from the iTunes store be it $5, $10, or $100 or may be $200. However, the entire donation will be given to the American Red Cross for those who are affected by this devastating hurricane.

Numerous rescue teams are still trying to evacuate victims to a safe place. Unfortunately, the rescuers have discovered a number of dead bodies. The National Weather Service of America said that they are guessing that so far the rain fall of Harvey will set a record amount of 40 to 50 inches. Right now in Huston, people look like they are leaving by the river bed and they are cautioned not to drive their car until the water level falls down. To know the latest update about Houston you can watch CNBC live stream below.

Right now, your small donation can make a huge difference for those families who lost their homes in Texas and are looking for a ray of hope to survive in that harsh