Warning! iPhone 7 can explode too

It’s marvelously entertaining seeing how smartphone businesses have been copying each other, especially -Samsung and Apple that have frequently crossed paths in the court due to the violation of patents. Find out how the water resistance feature of iPhone 7 proved to be.

Just like Samsung Galaxy Note 7, an iPhone 7 also blew up while it was in transit. Now this is one feature I am sure nobody wants from either party since it can cause severe harm to the users.


This “blasting” news of iPhone 7 was uploaded by “kroopthesnoop” on Reddit. A matte black iPhone 7, which exploded while it was in transit; thankfully, it didn’t happen during usage.

The post named, “Running a little hot” and according to the uploader, “something happened between the factory and delivery.”

Due to inadequate information and resources, it’s not possible to provide elaborate details of the entire event. But seeing the charred device, it seemed the explosion was triggered in the battery.

Click here to see more pictures of the exploded iPhone 7!

An executive of Apple communicated with the victim to learn further details regarding the explosion. The executive also promised to cooperate with AT&T for replacing the device.

It seemed Apple was ahead of Samsung initially, but the latest news of iPhone 7 explosion might have turned the table. Let’s wait to find out if anything else shows up relating to iPhone 7 explosion, stay with TTN and don’t forget to share anything you may have on your mind

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