WhatsApp brings quote feature to help you reply to a specific message

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned chat app has been a simplistic one for such a long time. But, now it’s thinking to bring some changes. It comes with an ability to quote the message you want to respond to. It first came out a day ago with the latest beta release v.2.16.118. With this update, some users see that long pressing on a message shows more than starring a message, trash, copy, and forward.

From now on if you long press a message, there will be an additional arrow sign similar to reply. The purpose of this button is to quote a specific message and allow you to reply directly to that message. You may be a little use of it in a single chat, but in a group chat this feature is vital. Imagine you’re in a crowded group chat where you’re not caught up yet and you want to reply to a specific one. With this feature, you can easily reply to that specific message and bring the conversation back where you want it to. Also, tapping on a quoted message will take you back to the original one, which will help you get a better sense of context.

Currently, this feature is only working on single message; you can’t block-quote a series of messages. However, as it’s a new feature, so you can still expect that the company will soon roll out a better version.