WhatsApp video calling is on its way

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat services in the world, that is why any small change in the app draws the attention of millions. Lately, multiple functionalities have been released for the app. Now the service comes with a pretty big change. WhatsApp video calling is coming very soon.

According to several reports, the company is working on video calling functionality. Video calling is a feature that allows the users make video calls easily with each other via WhatsApp.


The new functionality is being tested on its beta version of Android and Windows app. The trial shows that the user can choose two options if he wants to make a call via WhatsApp. There’s an option to dial audio or video calls. With the new feature, WhatsApp will compete with FaceTime and Skype.


However, the video call feature so far has only surfaced on Android and Windows Phones. Probably the functionality will be made available on iOS later. However, the person on the other end of the line must also have the option. When this option is not there yet, an error sign is displayed. The call will then be switched to an audio one.

WhatsApp 2.16.318 is the beta version which has access to the new functionality.

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