Windows 10’s performance boosting Game Mode is available in latest Insider build

Great news for the PC gamers! Microsoft just began to roll out Windows Insider Preview Build 15019 for the Insiders, with the renowned Game Mode.

The Game Mode lets users have improved performance for gaming from their personal computers by prioritizing GPU and CPU resources to optimize frame rate. There are two ways to activate the feature. Go to settings; you’ll find a new ‘Games’ section there. Toggle it on and you’re done. Also, you can press ‘Windows+G’ to bring up the game bar and activate Game Mode manually.

However, Microsoft is also warning to its users that there could be a few bugs. Due to a platform issue, some of the popular games may crash or go black when trying to load.

“We recognize that this is painful for those wanting to try out the new gaming features announced this week. We deliberated a lot on whether to release this build to Insiders with these issues, however we decided to go ahead and release it as we need feedback from Insiders on other areas of the OS,” Microsoft stated in a blog post announcing the new build. “The team is working hard to get these platform bugs fixed and we plan to push the new gaming features again when we release a build that includes these fixes.”

So, if you do not have a secondary gaming system around, you’re recommended not to use this Game Mode right now. The feature will be available later this year as a part of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

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