Xiaomi Launches Mi Band 2

Rumors and leaks about the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 had been circulating on the Internet for months. Now, the wearable device has officially hit the market.

The second generation device of the Mi band has brought about significant changes. This is evidenced by the presence of an OLED screen that can display more information than its previous generations.

The 24/7 activity tracker can be used to check the health of its user. Using the display, you can track your time, see notifications, heart rate, the number of steps taken, calories burned and the remaining power of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 among other things.

Internally, the intensification also happened to the software. The device is also equipped with a new hardware platform that supports algorithms pedometer. Furthermore, it comes with support for calls, text messages, and alarms as well.

From the side of the battery, Xiaomi ensures that this wearable can function for 20 days in a one-time charge. In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 uses the straps that are environmentally friendly.

It went on sale at a price of USD22.65 online.

The Chinese manufacturer company’s ultra-cheap $13 Mi Band 1 debuted two years ago, and following that was a pulse-monitoring wearable called the Mi Pulse that was released last November. The latest Xiaomi Mi Band 2’s price is slightly more than the $16 Mi Band Pulse, but it’s still cheaper than the Fitbits of the world.

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