Xiaomi launches smart shoes with the power of Intel and they are amazing

Partnering with Intel, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi recently launched a pair of sports tracking shoes with the title “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear”. They are powered by Intel and look amazing.


These sports shoes are featured with air cushions, anti-skid, meaning you’ll never slip. The soles of the shoes come with an arch design and more importantly, these have antibacterial insoles, sounds great, doesn’t it?


Well, these shoes have a 60-day battery life. These batteries are not the usual ones but the extra ordinary ones. Wearing these smart sports footwear can give you a full health benefits package. For example, after wearing these shoes when you walk, run, or climb or whatever you do, at end of the day, you will get the report as to how long you run, and how your speed was. And of course, how many calories you burnt.


A pair of these smart shoes is not that expensive. They come at a reasonable value of 300 CNY or $44 (for a pair). And these are available for both men and women. However, there are four color options: Black and Surf Blue, which are considered for men, while Black and Pink for women. Besides that, there is another color option particularly for the night called Blue glows.


Right now, these are available only for the Chinese market. Though very soon they will be out of China. To get this inexpensive smart footwear, you can pre-order directly from Xiaomi’s Mi Home and the shipping will be on April 15.

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