Xiaomi’s CEO Seen Wearing a Mi Band Model 2 in a Conference in China

Recently a wearable conference took place in China where Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun was seen wearing a second version of Mi band 2, which we are calling the Mi Band model 2, and not only this but he also posted a photo of him highlighting this new model Mi band 2, it seems that very soon Xiaomi’s Mi model two can be revealed.

According to the last year report from IDC, it addressed that Xiaomi’s $15 Mi band was one of the best wearable selling products in the tech market where there were smart wearable gadgets from the likes of Apple and Fitbit.

Particularly, in Asia it became more popular and sold over 10 million units, therefore, it may be guessed that if the second version of Xiaomi’s Mi band comes on the market it may become more popular among the wearable gadget lovers.

Furthermore, Points of interest on the Mi Band 2 are insufficient, yet we can unmistakably see the wearable has a display and a round catch on the top. (The Mi Band is fairly basic and has no screen or button, which kept the value so low.) Its bigger configuration ought to likewise mean it’ll incorporate elements like a heart rate sensor from the similarly modest Mi Band Pulse.

In addition, Xiaomi is holding an event on May 10, in Beijing to divulge the Mi Max, a phablet with a reputed 6.4-inch screen. It’s possible that we’ll take in more about the Mi Band 2 then.