Yahoo open sources its deep learning AI that detects pornography

Yahoo just announced the latest of its open-source releases, it’s computer version code that detects pornography in images. The system detects whether a specific image contains pornography or not by using a special type of artificial intelligence called deep learning. It comprises educating artificial neural networks on lots of data (like porn images) and getting them to make a judgment about new data.


Yahoo expects its neural network will authorize others to guard others against pornography, at the same time admitting its neural network isn’t perfect because of the technology’s very nature.


“This model is a general purpose reference model, which can be used for the preliminary filtering of pornographic images,” says a post on the Yahoo Engineering Tumblr. “We do not provide guarantees of accuracy of output, rather, we make this available for developers to explore and enhance as an open source project.”

The code is currently available on GitHub under a BSD 2-clause, which comes pre-trained. So, if you want to use it all you have to do just fine tune it.

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