You can light the real flame of this smart candle with your smartphone, literally!

If you look around yourself, each and every single product you use on daily basis is getting smart. Your cell phone, TV, home appliances, even the tiny bulb in your study is smart now. So, why would the mood-enhancing candles in your house be left behind? Yes, you read it right. Now there’s a smart candle with a real fire that you can light with your smartphone.


This smart candle is the brainchild of LuDela, which has you regulating honest-to-goodness fire with just a smartphone app. you can light or quench the flame of multiple candles at once. It’s basically a standard wax candle that comes in three layers. The innermost layer is the candle itself, the second layer is the silicone device, and the outermost layer is a proper aesthetic shell. It can light the flame channeling heat between four electrical nodes that surround the wick. There’s a small fan nestled right beside the wick that turns off the flame. The candle houses in a spring-loaded cradle to keep the wick at the top. That means its flame only has a few inches of diameter, which is necessary to prevent any kind of accident. Also, LuDela comes with some extra security features, so if there’s any danger of tipping over, it will automatically extinguish the flame.


LuDela smart candle is available for preorder at $99. You may find it quite pricey as it doesn’t include the refills when you get it early next year. However, if you’re one of those who doesn’t want to hunt around for matches or lighters, you won’t mind to pay for it. After all, you can start a fire with your phone.

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