You can now watch time float with this levitating clock

Flyte, the startup behind some cool products like levitating light bulb and Lyfe planter, recently launched another Kickstarter campaign. And this time, the project is a levitating timepiece. Named Story, this clock uses Flyte’s signature mag-lev technology to make a small metal ball hover over the wooden surface of the clock.

What makes this Story timepiece different from the company’s previous products? Well, unlike those, this clock can levitate vertically, horizontally, or at a 60-degree angle, depending on how you’d like to display it.

Instead of just telling the time, the device also has some cool features. You can set the device in three different modes — Journey mode, clock mode, as well as timer mode. All these you can do with a mobile app or manually.


In this mode, you can set the timepiece to a certain date, which is very special to you — Be it your birthday, shift to your new home or the birth of your child. It will serve as a countdown until that certain day and will hit the 12 o’ clock position when that arrives.


If you set the timepiece in clock mode, its chrome will levitate around each hour of the day, while telling the time.


You can also set Story for your short time activities. Imagine you have a one-hour meeting. Just set the timer and it will count the time for you.

Besides, Story comes with a LED display, which shows time in digital form in the center of the timepiece. You can set the display to permanently on, off, or display through motion. Also, with this backlight, the timepiece can mimic moon phases, illuminates sunrise, sunset, as well as temperature.

The clock is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. It will cost the super early backers between $399 and $449, depending on which color they are choosing between Ash and Walnut. The company plans to ship the device in November 2017.