You’ll find everything you ever googled

Tech companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google do seem to really know everything about you. Sometimes so much that you do not even know what they know. In the case of Google, you can look it up happily again. Because you can find all your history.

All you have to do is go to “” and make sure you log in. You can find exactly which YouTube videos you watched, what search terms you used and in what places you had been often.


So if you wonder all that you’ve looked for on December 15, 2014, you can find it easily by filtering the date.

Depending on what your settings are, you get to see where you have googled and what movies you’ve watched. However, it can also be that because of your privacy settings Google has never saved one or more things for years. Because you also need to be signed in during the search, otherwise the search will remain anonymous. In addition to searching by date, you can also search for specific words back.


Those who use Google Maps can even see a lot more. Because you can also request your location. On both Android and iOS, you can set Google location services to store where you’ve been.

Fortunately, the user is the only one who can see this information, when no one can log into your account, you have little to fear from others.

However, in the Activity Options, you can specify what exactly the search engine is allowed to store about you and what does not. Since your Google poems to be more creative in any case.

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