Your Apple Watch Will Know If You’re Happy or Sad

Have you ever thought about whether your Apple Watch truly thinks about your sentiments? However, it doesn’t. But a new app called ‘EmoWatch’ will help your Apple Watch to find out how you’re feeling from how you talk.

Tokyo-based Smartmedical Corp. developed this app for the Apple Watch that identifies and tracks user’s feelings through their voice. Vocal feeling acknowledgment isn’t new, however, the company claims it’s the first time when that it is being done through the Apple Watch.

The innovation it uses is called Empath and it works by examining things like the pitch, volume, and pace of individuals’ voices. Through that data, the app can judge a man’s vitality levels and delineates whether they are feeling one of four feelings — joy, sorrow, anger, and calmness.

The app is beneficial because it tracks and outlines the different mental states and moods of a user throughout the day and so later, you can know about your pattern and be aware of those.

EmoWatch only detects the characteristics of what a user says, not the meaning. So it can work with any language.

Interestingly, the Empath API is available to all developers openly. So if you are interested in testing out vocal emotion recognition here’s a great chance for you.

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