YouTube lets the mobile users fast-forward and rewind with double-tap

Browsing through videos on YouTube just has become a way lot easier for the mobile users. The Google-owned video hub is bringing the popular double-tap functionality to YouTube mobile apps.

First reported by a Reddit user, this new feature will let you rewind for 10 seconds or fast forward the video just by double-tapping. Though the user who first noticed it owns an iOS device, other users reported they’ve found this double-tap feature on your Android devices too.

However, the feature comes with some limitations. It will only work when you view a video on full-screen.

It’s still not sure when this feature was released, but there’s a possibility it came as a part of the latest update, which Google released earlier this week.

While so many Reddit users are reporting to have this double-tap feature on both Android and iOS, it also appears that the feature isn’t available to all users. Some of the users also reported that this forward and rewind features are working for few videos, not all.

Not everyone got the ability to use the double-tap feature seems to be happy. Some of them reported there was a lag slowing down the video when they were using the feature. However, this is, no doubt, an important feature for the users with compulsive fast-forward tendencies. The update also lets the Apple Watch users control playback from their devices.

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